Coming Home
968LdGTT5CNxSMi6IaG6_ComingHome-FEDORAComing Home is an innovative 12-part audio web course led by Leslie Hershberger, designed to help you investigate, embody, and share the radically transformative teachings of Christianity.
Between You and Love
YjoHoILMQ7CpV78uJzJM_349453593Between You and Love is a 7-part practice series that further explores the Coming Home inquiry through the unique lens of your Enneagram type, helping you uncover and overcome obstacles to giving and receiving love.
Coming Home Bundle
6z3Is2gTjW9V1pIxMkCG_CH-BYL-FEDORAGet both the 12-part Coming Home web course, and the 7-part Between You and Love expansion web course, at one discounted price! 
Patterns of Being
QXJb17LLS2mHREUPOF5G_PatternsOfBeing-TEACHABLE-3There is no better way to learn about and explore your own Enneagram type than through this interactive series of panel interviews. 
Patterns of Relating
xB7N2LHSgGpVgbmNh0Vg_PatternsOfRelating-TEACHABLE-4Here we lead you through an exploration of your own Enneagram type, the various patterns and tendencies that come with it, and the effects these patterns have upon your relationships.
Integral Enneagram Bundle
lHj5lmAZTIKQDtWQryOp_PatternsBundle-TEACHABLE1Get Helen Palmer’s incredible Patterns of Being web course, and her Patterns of Relating web course, at one discounted price!
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