Your Personal Relationship with Jesus

If you have decided to explore a new type of relationship with Jesus, you might be asking yourself what could that entail? This section contains diverse perspectives on what you can choose to include in your relationship with Jesus and help in identifying what you may have outgrown.

Included in the offerings are narrative perspectives on the teachings of Jesus, the four Integral views of Christianity, embodying the spirit of a revolutionary mystic, a transforming relationship with Jesus, the healing wisdom of the Christos, a metaphysical interpretation of Jesus, and personal reflections from a number of Christian teachers on their personal relationship with Jesus.

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Your Relationship with the Church

These days religion and spirituality often get confused as the same thing. In this section we look at the difference between having a personal relationship with Jesus and your relationship to your church. If you are finding your church too dependent on dogma and rules, there is a different path for developing a contemplative relationship with Jesus that embodies the spirit of his teachings and life in you.

This section contains offerings on the gifts and the shadow of the traditional church, the development of an Esoteric Christianity, the difference between spiritually and religion, the gift of the early Christian communities, exploring your resistance to spirituality through the perspective of your Enneagram type, your relationship with scripture, what women want from Christianity and where do you experience the “authority” on which your Christian practice is based.

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What is Spirit Up To?

The story and the teachings of Jesus emerged in a relatively short period of time, over 2000 years ago. The fact they currently resonate with over 2 billion people on the planet is a testament to the power of their message. This section contains perspectives on how spirit is currently moving in the world as it continues to bring the most up to date sacred heart teachings of Jesus to all who have eyes to see.

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Awakening Christ Consciousness

Jesus is the exemplar of finding the kingdom of heaven within you and helping those in need. Many report that this experience is illuminated by Christ Consciousness. In this section we explore diverse perspectives of how you may be experiencing Christ Consciousness either within you and/or in your actions in the world.

Offerings include: What is Christ Consciousness? How does Christ Consciousness show up in your state experiences? Click through for reflections on Christ Consciousness from prominent Christian teachers and leaders.

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Designed by Angie Hinickle

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