“Behold, the Kingdom of God is Within You” -Luke 17:21

Welcome to the Return to the Heart community! We are a growing global inquiry exploring a new kind of personal relationship with Jesus. If you are concerned about how you are to practice as a Christian given the ethical, moral and financial scandals that some Christian churches are currently experiencing, it can be perplexing. If this dilemma is what has brought you here today, you are not alone. Many of us faced with the prospect of abandoning Christianity all together are looking to a more positive path that is currently emerging. If Christianity or the church seems to be failing you at the moment, try Jesus instead.

Within this portal you will find a collection of diverse perspectives on all aspects of developing a new type of personal relationship with Jesus. Our contributors are some of the most talented and committed Christian thought leaders and teachers on the planet. If you are like us, you may find yourself challenged and inspired to look at your relationship with Jesus in a whole new light. One that meets you for who you are now!

This relationship is informed by the latest teachings and perspectives on what this could entail. We all don’t agree on everything that is considered in this endeavor, but we are all committed to bringing the teachings of the sacred heart of Jesus into our individual and collective awareness in ways that are meaningful to us. This includes both contemplative practice and inspired action in the world.

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